Thursday, July 7, 2011

It was Worth a Try

Howard and the kids just left Quito yesterday morning, and they are now safely back in Quincy.  Last weekend, though, filled with guilt over not having shown the kids much of Ecuador, we decided to go to Otavalo.

Otavalo is a 2-hour bus ride north of Quito.  It's a small-ish town (though it's grown dramatically in recent years), and it's famous for its "indigenous" market.  Otavalo is an interesting place: a cluster of its indigenous peoples have been very successful selling craft goods (weavings, jewelery, trinkets) both there and around the world.  This does not mean that all indigenous Otavalans are well off--they aren't.  But it does mean that in Otavalo--ah, only in Otavalo--you can encounter mestizos trying to look like Indians. 

Anyway, the trip started out well, with the kids on the bus, anticipating fun.

But, then the bus ride itself did them in.  Or, more precisely, it did Anya in.  My girl inherited my rather sensitive stomach, so she gets car sick sometimes.  And, of course, bus rides in the Andes are not only bumpy, but also full of constant twists and turns and ups and downs.

Let's just say that when she got sick, it was rather spectacular.  We caught most of it in a bag.  By the end of the ride, she was exhausted and finally fell asleep:

We took a taxi back, despite the high cost.  It was a much better experience, and the cab drive was quite nice and chatty. 

The kids did at least get little gifties that they liked.  Anya got dolls that she sang to and played with constantly for a couple of days:

And Samuel got a flute.  A simple one, rather like a recorder only it sounds nice.  He's been experimenting with it, making up little tunes. 

So...though it wasn't the best day, at least it left me feeling less guilty that I hadn't taken them more places!

What "good plans" haven't worked out for you lately?

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  1. Still think a nice little picture of the puke bag would have really driven the point home :)