Sunday, January 29, 2012

In the Making

I've been observing Samuel's character development of late.  Consider:

1. The fact that he said he wanted to dream about exponents one night about a month ago.

2. His latest joke: "How can you tell a male chromosome from a female chromosome?"  Answer: "You pull down it's genes!"

(this is the motion he makes when he tells the punch line)

3. Then, there are the posters in his room:


Landing on the Moon

A world map

A human genome poster

4. And, of course, there's the lego death star:

Yup, his inner geek is emerging.  I suppose that it was inevitable, given who his parents are.  I only hope that we can guide him through his teenage years with encouragement and dignity.  As a bumper sticker I once saw says:
Be kind to geeks.  One day you'll work for one.

How does your inner geek come out?

Any advice on how to get this wonderfully whacky kid through the teenage years?


  1. My inner geek is my outer geek. Samuel will learn to be cool by my example. Pray for him

  2. I think you are on the right track by encouraging him to be himself.
    We always encouraged our kids not to be afraid to be different. Adam now not only has one but three t shirts of the periodic table.
    Kelly though she took a turn through the high school years as one of the cool girls has comeback to her roots more recently.
    Laurie and I often express how happy we are that our kids have turned out to be as odd as they are :-)
    One day at a time keep doing what you are doing and it will turn out as it should...