Thursday, January 5, 2012

Traveling Checklist

Have a mentioned lately that I hate traveling?

Here's what my "to do" list would look like if I made it according to how I actually deal with traveling:

1) Obsess constantly over packing.  Double-check, add things, subtract things.  Make sure, in the end, that I have way too much of something/s minor, and forget or take too little of something essential.

2) Be too distracted to do anything before leaving.  (Apparently, the timing of my flight does not alter my inability to do much of anything during the day before leaving.)

3) Feel really sad about leaving the kids, even though I can't wait to have some liberated "grown up" time/s.  (Yes, I miss Howard too, but--it's different than with my kids.)

4) Go to the bathroom every 15 minutes in the airport, even though it means dragging all my carry-on baggage with me and losing my seat (I always travel alone, alas).

5) Squirm constantly on the flight.

Yup, well on my way with that list! 

What are your travel routines?

1 comment:

  1. Sleep. I sleep. An bother others with my snoring.