Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nicknames my kids have had

1. Jub-Jub (after the iguana on the Simpsons)
2. Monkey boy (because of his love of bananas)
3. Guy (especially when Anya could not pronounce his name)
4. Leumas (his evil twin name)
5. Thing One
6. The boy child

1. Shark bait (Sam was watching "Finding Nemo" when she was a baby)
2. Fishy face (because of the face she used to make when she gave toddler kisses)
3. Missy mosh
4. Ayna (evil twin name)
5. Sweety Tweety (After an episode of PBS's "Between the Lions")
6. Thing Two
7. The girl child

Oh, and Sam also nicknamed Toonces (the cat) Bossy Chucklepants.  (And so the tradition continues...)

Yup, we're on the road to "best parents of the year"!!! 

What are your favorite nicknames?

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