Tuesday, January 24, 2012


(This one's for you, Heidi)

So...not too surprisingly, I have favorite words.  Many of them.  Among them are:

1) penultimate
2) savvy
3) exacerbate
4) excruciating
5) preternatural
6) ombudsman
7) vernacular
8) ostensibly
9) notorious
10) plethora

To note: when I asked Howard about favorite words I use, he said "What, you mean besides swear words?"

I might be seeking a divorce.  But, probably not, as long as he keeps doing the laundry.

Some of Samuel's favorite words:
1) Legos
2) drawing
3) build
4) explode
5) cartoons

I'd ask Anya, but she's asleep.  That girl falls asleep mighty fast.

I also have pet peeve words and phrases--mostly those that aren't (or weren't meant to be) real words:
1) when people say "itch" instead of "scratch."  I tell my kids: itch is what you feel, scratch is what you do.
2) Nother.  As in: a whole nother....  No such word.
3) (Here's one for Nancy): when people pronounce "nuclear" as if it were "nuculer."
4) Ya mismito viene.  (This one has nothing to do with grammar.  It means "he/she is coming right now"--technically.  What it really means is "that person might show up sometime in the next three hours.")
5) It's all good.  (Bullshit it is)

I asked Howard about my pet peeve words, and he said  "Geez, I say so many things that annoy you, but I can't remember them now."  Again, suggesting that I am, well, less than a model, supportive wife.  Grrr...

What are your favorite words?  What are the phrases that make you itch with annoyance?

Any suggestions on what kind of picture ought to go with a post like this?


  1. You are so mean to me! However, I love you still.

  2. Antepenultimate. Even better, if somewhat earlier. I also love plethora and interestingly, dearth.

    Sweeties and I were discussing the "word" "pundint" that gets used a lot on political radio shows and my peeve of the use of "tenant" rather than "tenet."

    Thanks for the reminder of high school yearbook.

  3. I like penultimate - especially since I am the penultimate child... kinda selfish though of me...
    some other favorite words:

    some of my favorite phrases;
    Dinner's ready
    time to eat

    more seriously....
    grateful people are happy people and those who aren't, aren't
    One day at a time
    more to be revealed
    it is what it is

    great post and love Howie's feedback LOL