Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cooking Day: Empanadas

Yesterday, Sam and I got a lesson in making Argentine-style empanadas at Martha's house.  There was a lot of kneading and rolling and filling involved, and some cooking.  And lots of flour.

We also had some "help" and company from a very hungry Bongo:

Godric (yes, like Gryffindor), the older dog, was content to ignore us and snooze by the stove.

After about 2 hours, we had many plates full of empanadas:

There were meat empanadas, cheese and spinach, cheese and basil, cheese and basil and tomato...and even some sweet apple empanadas.  Plus, a luscious orange-based dessert that Ximena brought.

Even Mr. Bobo enjoyed himself:

A lot of work, but a good time and great company.  Martha has one of the coziest homes in Quito, I think, that mirrors her casual and friendly being.  

I think Sam and I could cook these on our own.  We're told we'll have to if Martha visits us in the U.S.  

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