Monday, March 4, 2013

Where I can find it

My run of bad luck continues--bad enough that I don't even want to write about it right now.  So instead I am going to keep trying to appreciate beauty and pleasure where I can find them.

Like in the clouds and the mountains--so easy to find, just outside our window:

And in teeny tiny tangerines.

We also got teeny tiny lemons. These are Sam's.  He named them all Fred (which makes sense, if you know Sam).  My, but I do love that boy. 

I suppose I should get over myself, and my exhaustion, and finally get to the archives today.  But, wouldn't it be okay to take just one day off to be completely decadent and read and knit--in silence, w/o the kids?  (It's okay if I take just one day. Don't you think it's okay if I take just one day?  Oh yes.  Yes, yes, yes, yes.)* 

We'll see what happens.  Just please, universe, keep sending me small beauty. 

*This is an adapted line from Munsch and Martchenko's children's book, Angela's Airplane.  We haven't read that book to the kids in years, but somehow a variation of the line still comes up from time to time...

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  1. Mom! Fred, Fred, and Fred don't like their pictures on the internet in any form. Really, mom, I thought you knew that. :D