Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gender at the National Library

My usual solitary pursuit of Ecuador's gendered past is less lonely these days--or, at least, for a couple more days.  Nicola has been in Quito, and we've been meeting up to do work research at the
National Library's holdings of El Comercio.  It's nice to have company!  (And such good company, too.)

And then there are the things that I am finding.  It's a hunt, but I am finding some things regarding gender, home, and child care.  I am also finding lots of fascinating/funny ads, like the one above.  This particular ad promises "Developed, reconstituted, beautiful, fortified BREASTS"...if only you buy this product.  Some things don't change, huh?  

Sadly, we also have to deal with a library staff member who is...rather creepy with women.  I'll leave it at that. The things I put up with for my work...

Next week it's back to working alone full time, alas.  

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