Friday, March 1, 2013

Observations on Life in Academia

1. Peer review makes me feel vulnerable and stupid, even when it proves useful in the end.

2. There will always be someone out there trying to tell you how to write the book they would have written--but didn't.

3. Researching civil court cases is its own special form of purgatory--going nowhere most of the time, and only occasionally paying off with rewards. 

4.  I really, really need a bookcase in this house.

5. Even on a grant to do archival research, there are times that I need to be working out of the apartment in order to keep other parts of my professional life going--or even to make sure that this particular research keeps moving forward. 

6. The twentieth century is soooo much easier to research than the nineteenth century. 

7. Many academics are superficial, mostly interested in who/what will get them "ahead" professionally.  A  few are the best people/colleagues/friends a person could ever have.  I am lucky to have found a fair share of the latter. 

How the heck did I end up in this gig?

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  1. Don't look at me. I'm still trying to figure out how I convinced anyone to give me a real job.