Monday, July 28, 2014

Six Years (at age 13)

I asked him: if the dinosaur loves cookies, why did you feed it pi?

It is six years to the day since Samuel was diagnosed.  I am, every day, grateful for this healthy, strong, smart, thoughtful, funny boy of mine who is so quickly growing into a man. I am also thankful on a daily basis for insulin and for living in the Boston area, full of hospitals and technology.  

Thank you, Sam.  Every day of your life--before and after diabetes struck--you have taught me (sometimes with joy and laughter, sometimes with tears or frustration) what is most important in this life.  I am so privileged to be your mother.  


  1. I am not a man. Not yet. And I didn't feed the dinosaur pi, since nothing living can eat an irrational number (in this case, pi).

    1. I said "turning into"...and the dinosaur is not alive, so it can eat pi.