Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Laughter Feeds the Soul

Among the things that are making me laugh lately:

1) My husband's insight about the secret of couples with long marriages: they stay together for revenge.

2) My realization (with Heidi's support) that we need to give up on looking for grading gnomes.  If monkeys would eventually type out Shakespeare given enough time, then surely they can learn to do my grading in short order.

3) Reading aloud again from How to Be a Villain.  Honestly, my only problem with this book is that I didn't think to write it myself.

4) The chihuahuas up the street (Lucy and Lola) who look delicate but wrestle with each other as if they believe they are German shepherds.  

5) Coming up (again with Heidi) with ideas for building children's show episodes around cool vocabulary words like: preposterous, filibuster, cantankerous, symbiotic...the possibilities for my own amusement really are endless here.

6) Though not all of it is laughter-worthy (and a few things not familiar), I am reminded here that I truly am a New England gal in the most bizarre and funny ways. (They forgot bubbler, though--that's the real giveaway that I am from MA: I drink water from a bubbler. And yes, it's typically pronounced "bubblah.")

7) And in the "laugh rather than cry" category: dreaming up ways to knock off the squirrels that are digging up my veggies.  They don't even eat anything, just dig stuff up and ruin the garden.  While I would never actually harm them, it makes me giggle with glee to think up plots to foil them.

What's making you laugh lately?


  1. he he...love number one.
    What's making me laugh? I have a rubber egg that looks amazingly like a real one. I keep it in the egg basket and occasionally throw it to someone letting it bounce. No-one with a weak heart of course. This week I accidentally boiled it with a big batch of eggs I was cooking...the joke was on me...but it did have me in stitches as well as everyone else and amazingly it has lived to bounce again!
    Happy holiday weekend
    ps hope the grading is soon eased for you. Mini robot would be good. One that could also wash the dishes...although you may already have one of those.

  2. I often say that one of the reasons that I married Howard is because he can, on occasion, make me laugh until I cry!

    I like the robot idea--no, not caught in grading now, but one is always on the lookout for a way out of it! (Not the most exciting part of my job.)