Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Perfect Place to Be

It's the world's ugliest chair...but it's also one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture in existence, and it has my favorite view in the living room.  On a hot summer evening, with the kids hiding away in air-conditioned rooms, the cat and I curl up to read (me) and snooze (Toonces).  

I might not like the heat of summer, but egads I love the pace of it.


  1. You may not think it's the prettiest but it definitely does look like one of the comfiest and sounds like a perfect spot to read. So does the lovely chaise lounge. Enjoy your peaceful summer evenings.

    1. The chaise is also good, though starting to wear a bit thin. That rocking chair is actually *incredibly* comfortable--a nice bend at just the right spot to ease an aching back! (Plus it's hand-made and lovely...).

    2. Oh I hadn't spotted the rocking chair. It's beautiful.I especially love the natural wood part...gorgeous...